Universal luggage for your motorcycle

Hepco & Becker connection strap - velcro or leathe
Hepco & Becker is listing two different connection-straps for the messenger bags. One version is made of velcro, which fits everywhere, especially on scamblers this will come out great, and a leather version, which is the ultimate vintage lo ... (Read More)
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Hepco & Becker Holder for Messenger Bags
These Hepco & Becker holders are the best solution to fit the Legacy messenger bags to your bike. You can mount them to the motorcycle and the messenger bags are fixed safe and rigid.   There exists no mounting instruction, ... (Read More)
From 41,95 € 2
Hepco & Becker Legacy leather bag
This awesome little Hepco & Becker leather bag is the perfect helper if you need to transport small items like some tools, etc. on your motorcycle.   Made of tough leather this bag can be mounted on any place on your bike wherever ... (Read More)
139,50 € 2
Hepco & Becker Legacy leather care
This little bottle is the body-lotion for the Hepco & Becker Legacy leather products, such as the small leather-bag, etc.  The content of the lotion is especially mixed for the needs of motorcycle leather bags.   Imagine the ... (Read More)
19,00 € 2 19,00 € / 100ml
Hepco & Becker LEGACY Messenger Bag size M and L
These Hepco & Becker messenger bags are part of the LEGACY product line and they represent pure retro design and vintage style.   The tough textile canvas is combined with strong leather which will guarantee a long life and easy ca ... (Read More)
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Hepco & Becker Legacy Pad for messenger bag
Universal pad for the Hepco & Becker LEGACY messenger bags. This pad is just fixed on the passenger seat and tightened to the frame tubes. Material and design are the same like the messenger bags itself.   In our opinion this p ... (Read More)
89,00 € 2
Hepco & Becker Legacy rear bag
One of the most beautiful and useful bags - the Hepco & Becker Legacy rear bag. A round bag that fits perfectly to the Legacy messenger bags. You can mount this 28 litres bag to the luggage rack of your bike, or on the passenger seat, if you ... (Read More)
289,00 € 2
Hepco & Becker Legacy tool bag
A tool bag that comes along in the same style and design like the other bags out of the Hepco & Becker Legacy series. It has a capacity of approx. 3 liters and is perfect to take smaller items with you.    Use it as a bag on yo ... (Read More)
135,00 € 2
Hepco & Becker rain cover for Legacy rear bag
Optional rain cover for the Hepco & Becker Legacy rear bag. We recommend to use this cover in rainy conditions, especially on longer trips.   The cover is made in the shape of the rear bag to ensure a perfect fit. ... (Read More)
44,90 € 2
Hepco & Becker rain cover for messenger bags
Even if the Hepco & Becker Legacy messenger bags are water repellant we recommend to use these optional rain covers for rainy conditions, especially on longer trips. The covers are made for the messenger bags and available in the two diff ... (Read More)
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Hepco & Becker shoulder strap for Legacy bags
Hepco & Becker shoulder strap for Legacy bags. Made of natural tanned leather and corrosion resistant snap-locks. Perfect for the rear bag or other bags out of the Legacy series.   The strap is proudly carrying an embossed L ... (Read More)
49,50 € 2