Oil filler plug - theft proof - Triumph Tiger 800

Oil filler cap - theft proof - Triumph Tiger 800

The Triumph, as a British lady, has earned a special jewelry. The very popular oil filler plug is particularly suitable for this purpose. Especially the original - often plastic - filler caps always irritates unpleasant people to open it, to steal it or even to fill other substances than oil into the engine.


Our oil filler plug can only be opened with a suitable Torx key and makes it impossible for such individuals to realize their intentions. The actual cap shines in two different anodic colors and the inner area defies the unsuccessful access attempts with extremely resistant and particularly noble titanium.


In our opinion, this is one of the most effective and most beautiful oil filer caps currently available. The special material combination and the simple - but very effective - anti-theft protection combined with a detail-loving design make the excellent overall impression perfect.

  • Exceptional material mix (aluminum and titanium)
  • Precision fit and high-quality processing
  • Designed with the right attention to detail
  • Theft - proof (only with Torx key open)
  • Available in 2 different colors:
    • Black
    • Silver

You get the oil filler cap, including the Torx key. Please select the desired color from the pull-down menu:

Oil filler plug Triumph Tiger 800

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