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Acrylic glass luggage rack and bag for BMW R1200RT
The additional ISOTTA luggage rack for the touring topcase of the BMW K1600GT is a few millimeters thick and is mounted to the topcase using the screws that fit the backrest without drilling additional holes.   With the special ... (Read More)
229,90 € 2
Bundle of luggage rack and bag for BMW R1200RT LC
The additional ISOTTA luggage rack for the touring topcase of the BMW K1600GT is a few millimeters thick and is mounted to the topcase using the screws that fit the backrest without drilling additional holes.   With the special ... (Read More)
189,90 € 2
Bag for topcase luggage rack BMW R1200RT LC & K160
This bag, especially developed for the Isotta luggage racks, is made of resistant and abrasion-resistant nylon material (1680D Ballistic Nylon) and is ideally suited to accommodate additional luggage on the Isotta Topcase rack.   ... (Read More)
79,90 € 2
Additional bags on TRIUMPH EXPEDITION aluminium si
These additional bags for the aluminum panniers are made of very durable and abrasion-resistant nylon material (1680D Ballistic Nylon) and are ideal for carrying extra luggage on the side cases.   The luggage bags can be installed ... (Read More)
119,90 € 2
Touring windshield BMW G310R
With this high class Touring windshield for the BMW G310R you will achive the best possible wind protection on your bike. The Touring windscreen helps to reduce annoying turbulences and wind noises around the helmet area.   cha ... (Read More)
From 99,90 € 2
Handguards for BMW G 310 R
This high quality handguards for the BMW G310R protect against wind and splashing water. The riding comfort, espaccially under rainy and  cold conditions will be significally improved.    Features: the protectors are made of ... (Read More)
From 119,90 € 2
Tank guard BMW R1200GS LC (2017-) stainless steel
This tank guard is not only protecting the tank in a very effective way, it will also avoid damages to the upper side fairing and the high vulnerable radiators. Despite to it’s protection properties, the tank protection bar gives the R1200GS ... (Read More)
259,00 € 2
Tank guard BMW F700GS
This stylish tank guard protects the tank and the fairing parts of the BWM F700GS in case of falls and tip over. The tank protector could be also very helpful when lashing the bike.   The vehicle-specific development guarantees a t ... (Read More)
181,00 € 2
Upper screen bar BMW R1200 GS Adventure
The aluminum upper screen bar is the perfect replacement for the original reinforcement bar of the BMW R1200GS Adventure.   However, the reinforcement bar can also be used if you want to use an original Adventure windhield on the G ... (Read More)
119,90 € 2
Rear splash guard BMW R1200GS & ADV
The major shortcoming of the R1200GS and the Adventure is the the gap at the rear portion of the frame. A short rain shower often is enough to wet the driver's and passengers feet or legs. Splash water and dirt whirled up from the rear wheel ... (Read More)
From 89,90 € 2
Rear splash guard -Inner fender BMW R1200R (2006-
We now also offer for the BMW R1200R models from 2006 to 2010 the proved and tested rear splash guard that is so popular with the GS models bikes.   The very sturdy inner fender protects the rear frame, the suspension and parts of ... (Read More)
From 99,90 € 2
Hand protectors for BMW G 310 GS
High quality hand protectors, hand guards for the BMW G310GS.  This handguards protect you against wind and splashing water and enhance the riding comfort espaccially under rainy and  cold conditions.   Made from scratch and pe ... (Read More)
From 119,90 € 2
The handguard extensions BMW R1200GS LC & Adv + F8
The handguard extensions for the BMW R1200GS LC and F800GS Adventure models are an visual upgrade of the original han protectors and increase the protection of hands from cold and dust.   The oncoming air will be very effectively p ... (Read More)
From 74,90 € 2
Helmet locking system BMW R 1200 GS & Adventure (2
  This is a simple, but effective gadget for your bike. Make sure to have it installed on your GS to lock your helmet or jacket the easy way. You know the trouble when riding to the next Café or biker's meeting point... Always this ... (Read More)
69,90 € 2
Helmet locking system BMW R 1200 GS LC & Adventure
  Keep it simple - that was the intention in the development of this simple but ingenious helmet lock system for the liquid-cooled GS.   The key-skill is the flexible steel cable, which disappears discretely under the seat w ... (Read More)
From 69,90 € 2
Inner fender BMW F650GS (2008-) + F800GS
A short rain shower often is enough to wet the driver's and passengers feet or legs. Splash water and dirt whirled up from the rear wheel can also penetrate to sensitive parts such as battery or rear suspension.   Our inner fen ... (Read More)
89,90 € 2
Aluminium Toolbox for BMW R1200GS LC Adventure (f
The popular, handcrafted toolbox made of the best aluminum. Fits the BMW R1200GS LC Adventure (from 2014), it closes the gap between the left luggage carrier and the motorcycle. Positive side effect: it offers space for additional storage sp ... (Read More)
From 180,00 € 2
Helmet lock - black - incl. codable lock for origi
Efficient and meaningful at the same time - the high quality helmet lock for the BMW R 1200 GS. In a discreet way, it fits in the overall image of the bike, because of the black color.   The stable support for the lock is made out ... (Read More)
69,90 € 2
Set of 4 feeler gauges for BMW 4V-Boxer 850 - 1100
  Ideally matched set consisting of 4 feeler gauges. With this set the valves of the following BMW Boxers can be adjusted: R 850/1100/1150 R & Rockster R 850/1100/1150 GS & Adventure R ... (Read More)
9,90 € 2
Cover for the rear center tank fairing BMW R1200GS
Easy to fit cover for the rear center of the original BMW tank fairing. It is self-adhesive and covers the black rubber pad which becomes ugly after a few rides. As you know you're moving a lot during your motorcycle trip. This causes scratc ... (Read More)
From 34,90 € 2
Grip Puppies - the original
  Extremely easy to install softgrips - the original: Grip Puppies.   The Puppies provide a much increased driving pleasure as they allow better grip damping. Fatigue phenomena caused by excessive vibrations are reduced and ... (Read More)
24,90 € 2
Hand pump - small gadget to pump liquids from one
  Ingeniously simple - simply brilliant. With this pump in your luggage nothing can go wrong on your motorcycle travel. Help a biker who ran out of gas quickly by sharing some of your gasoline and pump some out of your reservoir in ... (Read More)
16,90 € 2
Motorcycle cover - black
  Especially during winter break a motorcycle in the garage pulls dust like a magnet. Also if you need to leave your bike outside - you are suffering with your loved ones ;-)   With our motorcycle cover you can protect your ... (Read More)
29,90 € 2
Battery charger Optimate 2
  The modern battery charger Optimate 2 is your new mate for keeping the batteries of your motorcycle or even car alive. It comes with a weather-proof socket (including a 50cm connection cable) which can be installed permanentlyon you ... (Read More)
54,90 € 2
Battery Charger Optimate 4 CAN BUS Edition for BMW
  This Optimate 4 battery charger comes in a special edition for BMW motorcycles, which means the regular Optimate 4 was upgraded by a special cable with a plug fitting in the BMW sockets. Also it is pre-activated in Can-bus mode (whi ... (Read More)
89,90 € 2
Oil filler cap - theft proof - Yamaha MT-09
Put a design statement on your Yamaha MT-09 - with this theft-proof oil filler plug it is a very easy task. The plug itself is made of the best aluminum and is anodised in different colours. The inner part of the oil plug has been made of ... (Read More)
From 34,90 € 2
Oil filler cap - theft proof - Triumph Tiger 800
The Triumph, as a British lady, has earned a special jewelry. The very popular oil filler plug is particularly suitable for this purpose. Especially the original - often plastic - filler caps always irritates unpleasant people to open it, to ... (Read More)
From 34,90 € 2
Oil filler cap - theft proof - BMW S 1000 XR
  With this oil filler cap you can easily place a highlight on the engine housing of your BMW S 1000 XR. The replacement for the original cap is made from a very resistant titanium - aluminum combination. The highlight is the very sim ... (Read More)
From 34,90 € 2
Oil filler cap - theft proof - BMW S 1000 RR
  With this oil filler cap you complement the sporty look of your S 1000 in a particularly beautiful way. The cap is made of an extremely resistant titanium - aluminum combination and can only be opened with the enclosed Torx special ... (Read More)
From 34,90 € 2
Hepco & Becker Legacy leather belt
This is the last step to perfection and to complete the Legacy collection. High quality leather belt with a heavy metal buckle showing the Legacy Logo.
67,50 € 2
Hepco & Becker Legacy leather care
This little bottle is the body-lotion for the Hepco & Becker Legacy leather products, such as the small leather-bag, etc.  The content of the lotion is especially mixed for the needs of motorcycle leather bags.   Imagine the ... (Read More)
19,00 € 2 19,00 € / 100ml
Hepco & Becker shoulder strap for Legacy bags
Hepco & Becker shoulder strap for Legacy bags. Made of natural tanned leather and corrosion resistant snap-locks. Perfect for the rear bag or other bags out of the Legacy series.   The strap is proudly carrying an embossed L ... (Read More)
49,50 € 2
Hepco & Becker Legacy tool bag
A tool bag that comes along in the same style and design like the other bags out of the Hepco & Becker Legacy series. It has a capacity of approx. 3 liters and is perfect to take smaller items with you.    Use it as a bag on yo ... (Read More)
135,00 € 2
Hepco & Becker rain cover for Legacy rear bag
Optional rain cover for the Hepco & Becker Legacy rear bag. We recommend to use this cover in rainy conditions, especially on longer trips.   The cover is made in the shape of the rear bag to ensure a perfect fit. ... (Read More)
44,90 € 2
Hepco & Becker Legacy rear bag
One of the most beautiful and useful bags - the Hepco & Becker Legacy rear bag. A round bag that fits perfectly to the Legacy messenger bags. You can mount this 28 litres bag to the luggage rack of your bike, or on the passenger seat, if you ... (Read More)
289,00 € 2
Hepco & Becker Legacy leather bag
This awesome little Hepco & Becker leather bag is the perfect helper if you need to transport small items like some tools, etc. on your motorcycle.   Made of tough leather this bag can be mounted on any place on your bike wherever ... (Read More)
139,50 € 2
Hepco & Becker rain cover for messenger bags
Even if the Hepco & Becker Legacy messenger bags are water repellant we recommend to use these optional rain covers for rainy conditions, especially on longer trips. The covers are made for the messenger bags and available in the two diff ... (Read More)
From 44,90 € 2
Hepco & Becker Holder for Messenger Bags
These Hepco & Becker holders are the best solution to fit the Legacy messenger bags to your bike. You can mount them to the motorcycle and the messenger bags are fixed safe and rigid.   There exists no mounting instruction, ... (Read More)
From 41,95 € 2
Hepco & Becker connection strap - velcro or leathe
Hepco & Becker is listing two different connection-straps for the messenger bags. One version is made of velcro, which fits everywhere, especially on scamblers this will come out great, and a leather version, which is the ultimate vintage lo ... (Read More)
From 44,50 € 2
Hepco & Becker Legacy Pad for messenger bag
Universal pad for the Hepco & Becker LEGACY messenger bags. This pad is just fixed on the passenger seat and tightened to the frame tubes. Material and design are the same like the messenger bags itself.   In our opinion this p ... (Read More)
89,00 € 2
Hepco & Becker LEGACY Messenger Bag size M and L
These Hepco & Becker messenger bags are part of the LEGACY product line and they represent pure retro design and vintage style.   The tough textile canvas is combined with strong leather which will guarantee a long life and easy ca ... (Read More)
From 189,00 € 2
Mirror extension CNC
  Aluminium CNC made mirror extension, black anodized. The mirror is displaced a little bit more to the side, so you can see more than only your shoulders.  The enhanced viewing angle helps to see more and it helps to ride m ... (Read More)
24,90 € 2
Reflective wheel - edge tape
High quality wheel edge tape consisting of 6 meter tape and applicator. The amount is enough for a motorbike (front and rear wheel) with 17" wheels.   The tape is available in different colors which contains a yellow fluorescent ta ... (Read More)
From 18,90 € 2
Throttle Adjustment RELAX
An indispensable helper on long trips!   Holding one gas position on long distance rides can lead to fatigue and pain of the wrist.   This is when the throttle-supplement RELAX shows up and provides relief. It ... (Read More)
9,90 € 2
Mirror Adapter M10x1,5 to M10x1,25 for BMW R1200GS
This high quality adapter allows the mounting of many accessory mirrors to your BMW. BMW uses mirror-mounts with a M10x1,5 thread. Accessory mirrors often use M10 x 1,25 - trying to mount these without an adapter will destroy the thread o ... (Read More)
4,90 € 2
Mirror, adjustable, A114
The A-Series are adjustable mirrors in a design that is different to comparable models - but in a very welcome way. The angle of the mirror can be adjusted in 18° steps, the lower balljoint can be adjusted in steps of approx. 9°.   ... (Read More)
45,90 € 2
Mirror adjustable D111
At first sight this seems to be a motorcycle mirror like all the other mirrors too. But if you look closer, you will discover the widely adjustable mirror-stem.   The CE-approved mirror has a black coated mirror stem and a matte-bl ... (Read More)
60,90 € 2
Mirror Bicolor Z-Series
This one caught our attention pretty fast; it has a design you do not see on every corner. The robust and rigid mirror is the result of high manufacturing standards; of course CE-approved.   The mirror-stem is matte-black coated, t ... (Read More)
59,90 € 2
Mirror Bicolor ST-Series
These fantastic mirrors are designed in bicolor-look combining matte-black and a shiny additional color. In our opinion some of the most beautiful mirrors for a motorcycle. Of course they are CE approved.   The first mention ... (Read More)
From 49,90 € 2