Headlight protector, lamp grill, LED indicator protection BMW R1200GS + Adventure

In this section we offer lamp grills and headlight protectors for BMW R1200GS and Adventure.

A highly swirled stone of preceding vehicles or during off-road operation can damage the original headlights. Even at normal speed small stone chips act as projectiles and can damage the glass of the headlight. The consequences are often a defective headlight and a costly repair in the workshop.

Our folding headlight protector do not only protect the expensive headlight of your GS, it also improve the appearance of your motorcycle. 

Due to its folding mechanism it can be folded forward and is therefore approved for road use. In off-road trips it can be quickly folded up and offer optimal protection against stone chips.

You can choose between the lamp guards or the headlight protection with durable acrylic glass.

LED Turn signal protection BMW R1200GS + Adventure
This protection is for the original front LED indicators of the R1200GS and Adventure.   It is installed in a few minutes. Simply loosen the screws from the turn signals, position the new indicator protectors and re-tighten everyth ... (Read More)
29,90 € 2
BMW R1200 GS ADV additional light protector "SP772
This protection was developed for the additional lights of the BMW R1200GS Adventure in order to protect them against flying stones or other small objects that could damage the lights when riding on normal road or during an offroad trip. ... (Read More)
89,90 € 2
BMW R1200GS + Adventure folding head light protect
The head light protector for the BMW R1200GS and GS Adventure protects the expensive head light and prevents damages that can be caused by stone chips. This protection can be very important when riding offroad. Hits by flying stones could ca ... (Read More)
89,90 € 2
Lamp grill protection BMW R1200GS + Adventure
The folding head light lamp grill for the BMW R1200GS is very useful to prevent severe damages to the expensive headlight that can be caused by stone chips.    Due to the clever folding mechanism, the headlamp guard can be fold ... (Read More)
99,90 € 2