Headlight protectors, oil filter/heat exchanger protector, watercooler protector BWM F700GS

Folding head light protector BMW F700GS
This folding head light protector for the BMW F700G Twin protects the expensive head light and prevents damages caused by stone chips.   The steel frame frame of the headlight guard is black coated and the front part of the headlig ... (Read More)
109,90 € 2
Folding headlight protection grill BMW F700GS
This folding headlight protection grill for the BMW F700GS helps to safe the expensive headlight and prevents damages caused by stone chips.   Thanks to the clever fold mechanism of the headlight grill, cleaning of the inner part o ... (Read More)
109,90 € 2
Oil filter/heat exchanger protector BMW F700GS
The oil filter and heat exchanger of the BMW F700GS are right in the area of impact of mud and dirt thrown up by the front wheel. This protector will safe the oil filter housing and provide a good appearance. The oil filter and hea ... (Read More)
49,90 € 2
Water cooler protector BMW F700GS
The radiator of the BMW F700GS is well positioned for the inrushing air stream, the result can be that  anything carried by this stream could find its way into the water cooler.  Stone chips, insects and dirt will obstruct or even destroy th ... (Read More)
79,90 € 2