Tools and accessories - especially for your BMW R 850 / 1100 / 1150 RT

Set of 4 feeler gauges for BMW 4V-Boxer 850 - 1100
  Ideally matched set consisting of 4 feeler gauges. With this set the valves of the following BMW Boxers can be adjusted: R 850/1100/1150 R & Rockster R 850/1100/1150 GS & Adventure R ... (Read More)
9,90 € 2
Throttle Adjustment RELAX
An indispensable helper on long trips!   Holding one gas position on long distance rides can lead to fatigue and pain of the wrist.   This is when the throttle-supplement RELAX shows up and provides relief. It ... (Read More)
9,90 € 2
Hand pump - small gadget to pump liquids from one
  Ingeniously simple - simply brilliant. With this pump in your luggage nothing can go wrong on your motorcycle travel. Help a biker who ran out of gas quickly by sharing some of your gasoline and pump some out of your reservoir in ... (Read More)
16,90 € 2
Reflective wheel - edge tape
High quality wheel edge tape consisting of 6 meter tape and applicator. The amount is enough for a motorbike (front and rear wheel) with 17" wheels.   The tape is available in different colors which contains a yellow fluorescent ta ... (Read More)
From 18,90 € 2
Grip Puppies - the original
  Extremely easy to install softgrips - the original: Grip Puppies.   The Puppies provide a much increased driving pleasure as they allow better grip damping. Fatigue phenomena caused by excessive vibrations are reduced and ... (Read More)
24,90 € 2
Mirror extension CNC
  Aluminium CNC made mirror extension, black anodized. The mirror is displaced a little bit more to the side, so you can see more than only your shoulders.  The enhanced viewing angle helps to see more and it helps to ride m ... (Read More)
24,90 € 2
Motorcycle cover - black
  Especially during winter break a motorcycle in the garage pulls dust like a magnet. Also if you need to leave your bike outside - you are suffering with your loved ones ;-)   With our motorcycle cover you can protect your ... (Read More)
29,90 € 2