Windshields, windscreens, screens for BMW F700GS

For the BMW F700GS we have two different windshields on offer. The SC1080 and SC1081 types is the luxury version and is supplied with an additional aluminium bar. At this upper bar you can easily mount supports for navigation devices or fastening systems for the iPhone. In addition, the aluminium bar stabilizes the windshield and provides an extravagant Adventure Look. The windscreen for the F 700 GS is available in different heights and different colours.


Our windshields SC1082 and SC1083 are the slightly cheaper option, however, it provides nearly the same wind and weather protection than of the luxury variant. The main difference is that this windshield is delivered without aluminium bar. Nevertheless it has sophisticated mounting kit and comes with a screen reinforcement. These wind screens are available in two heights and could be ordered in clear or smoke grey colour.


Both shield types for the F 700GS provide an effective wind and weather protection. This also ensures a better and more comfortable seating position. Due to the sophisticated shape of the windshields, the arms, legs and torso are noticeably relieved and longer trips are finally a pleasure.


The used material and the thickness of the screens are chosen in order to make sure that the stability is always guaranteed and vibrations of the windshield will be avoided.  Aerodynamically perfectly matched and the best for the  BMW F700GS.


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Windshield BMW F700GS "SC 1082|1083"
This windshield for the BMW F700GS has the same aerodynamic features but comes without the upper aluminium bar.  Nevertheless this windscreen will be delivered also with a functional screen reinforcement and all necessary hardware. ... (Read More)
From 139,90 € 2
Medium Windshield BMW F700GS
This medium sized windshield for the BMW F700GS has been specially developed for the South American market and offers good wind protection without beeing to high. An optimal wind protection is guaranteed and Offoad passages are further po ... (Read More)
From 169,90 € 2
BMW F700GS Windshield (including upper screen bar)
This windshield for BMW F700GS provides an effective wind and weather protection. Wind pressure will be reduced and and a more comfortable seating position is achieved. Arms, legs and upper body are effectly relieved and traveling becomes a ... (Read More)
From 229,90 € 2