Headlight protector, lamp grill BMW F650GS Twin + F800GS

Head light protector BMW F650 GS & F800 GS "SP8200
This folding headlight protector for the BMW F650GS Twin and F800 GS protects the expensive head light and prevents damages caused by stone chips.   The steel frame frame of the headlight guard is black coated and the front par ... (Read More)
89,90 € 2
Headlight grill F 650GS (Twin) & F800GS "SP8213"
The folding headlight lamp grill for the BMW F650 GS (Twin) and  F800GS + F800GS Adventure protects the expensive headlight and prevents expensive damages of the headlight caused by stone chips or other impacts.   Can be folded ... (Read More)
99,90 € 2