Additional luggage carrier for BMW K1600GT, K1600GTL & Exclusive

Additional carrier on topcase - Aluminium - BMW K1
  The logical further development of our popular Topcase rail made of acrylic glass. Now made of sturdy and light aluminum - fits perfect and stable!   The assembly is made using existing screws, without any drilling - in co ... (Read More)
129,90 € 119,90 € 2  
Additional carrier on topcase BMW K1600GT
This rack on the topcase of BMW K1600GT is the ultimate mobile system to carry additional luggage without drilling holes into the expensive Topcase.   In comparison to all other topcase racks available on the market, this ISOTTA ad ... (Read More)
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Luggage rack for BMW K1600GTL & Exclusive
The ultimate mobile system to carry additional luggage without destroying the expensive Topcase. Unique in its construction and a superb finish for the K 1600 GTL and K1600GT Exclusive.    In comparison to all other solution ... (Read More)
From 149,90 € 2  
Additional luggage rack on side panniers BMW K1600
This rack offers space for additional luggage on the side panniers.of the BMW K1600GT and K1600GTL.   The luggage rack is made of 10mm robust acrylic glass and is mounted just a few steps to the vehicle. It can be installed without ... (Read More)
From 299,90 € 2