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Battery Charger Optimate 4 CAN BUS Edition for BMW Motorcycles


This Optimate 4 battery charger comes in a special edition for BMW motorcycles, which means the regular Optimate 4 was upgraded by a special cable with a plug fitting in the BMW sockets. Also it is pre-activated in Can-bus mode (which is mode 2 of the charger). So no extra adapter must be bought, no extra socket must be wired to the bikes electronics, and so on.


So all you need to do is: plug the adapters cable in the motorcycles socket, activate the charger and forget about it...

Optimate will take care of your bikes battery totally automatically and keeps it in good shape.


The Optimate 4 has 2 charging modes installed which can be changed easily.

- Mode 1: direct battery charging (using the included battery-clamps)

- Mode 2: safe charging via the CANBUS regulated socket of the motorcycle (fitting plug is included)


Of course the Optimate 4 can be used on any bike (or car, quad, boat, ...) that has a 12V battery installed. Even if it does not have a CAN BUS System installed. In this case Mode 1 would be your choice.


Global travelers are able to use the charger worldwide, due to the power range of 100 - 240 Volts it can handle and operate. Well, a fitting adapter for the power-sockets of the depending country would be necessary...


The facts:

  • Comes preset in CAN-BUS Mode (Mode 2)
    • activation and continuous monitoring of the battery until the charger is disconnected
  • fitting plug for BMW Motorcycle sockets included
  • universal battery clamps included as well
  • charging at 1A (constant)
  • can be used outside (IP54 certified) lowest temperature: -40°C
  • Rescue: starts with low voltage of 0,5V and 2-step (1-step in Canbus mode) desulfation
  • Suitable for: STD, AGM and GEL batteries
  • Power: 100 - 240 Volts


  • Optimate 4 charger, CAN BUS Edition (TM350) with 180cm power cable and 180cm connection cable (SAE-connector)
  • wall holder
  • BMW Motorcycle plug with 120cm connection cable
  • Standard battery clamps with 50cm connection cable

Detailed informations are also available in the data sheet or manual as PDF-download.

Battery charger Optimate 4 Can Bus

89,90 €

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Data sheet
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Battery charger Optimate 2


The modern battery charger Optimate 2 is your new mate for keeping the batteries of your motorcycle or even car alive. It comes with a weather-proof socket (including a 50cm connection cable) which can be installed permanentlyon your bike using O-rings to be installed directly to plus and minus of your battery. Just put it below the seat or attach it to frame tubes using zip-ties and you're done. 


Whenever there is a period you are not going to use the bike for a while: connect the Optimate to it. It takes care of the battery so next time you want to go for a ride you're good to go.


The Optimate 2 comes with a 180cm power cable and another 180cm connection cable. A wall holder is included also. So keeping the garage tidy is no problem. Your new optimate 2 is weather proof (IP54 certified), using it outside is no problem too.


You will get a 100% automatically operating device that helps to extend the battery life. It makes a long-term battery care possible at no effort - no matter if you connect it via the included socket or directly to the battery using the standard-clamps.


The facts:

  • charging: 0,8A
  • utilization: in-/exterior (IP54, lowest temperature: -4°F / -20°C)
  • Rescue: starts with low voltage of 2V
  • ideal for: STD, AGM & GEL Batteries with 12V and 3 - 96Ah
  • Input: 100 - 240 Volts 50-60 Hz, high efficiency (CEC listed), totally capsuled
  • safe: no risk of over-charging. Totally safe for vehicles electronics, spark suppression. Safe for long-term battery care. Disconnects automatically in the event of a short-circuit or disconnected battery.

Detailed informations are also available in the data sheet or manual as PDF-download.

Battery charger Optimale 2

54,90 €

  • Available
  • 5-8 days1
Data sheet
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