Easy to use - high quality - the perfect roadside assistance in your tank-bag: small hand pump

Hand pump - small gadget to pump liquids from one container to another


Ingeniously simple - simply brilliant. With this pump in your luggage nothing can go wrong on your motorcycle travel.

Help a biker who ran out of gas quickly by sharing some of your gasoline and pump some out of your reservoir into the empty gas-tank. Your own roadside assistance in your tank bag.


If you pump from a higher container into a lower one ... the gravity does the transfer after a few pump shots by itself - surely all of us know this - but it also goes from the bottom to the top! The pump-bag made of fuel-resistant material allows a decent liquid transport (approx. 50ml per pumping process). Thanks to the transparent tubes, the movement is always easy to understand.


But the pump does not only excite itself as a helper in need; a few application examples:

  • Transfer of petrol
  • Oil change for lawn mower
  • pump off too much oil
  • Washing & rinsing station at the campsite
  • Drain the water from an aquarium

The pump can be used for gasoline, diesel, oil and water. When used with water, however, a prior use with petrol / diesel or oil should be avoided.


The facts:

  • Dimensions of the pump: 155mm length
  • Pumping capacity: approx. 45 - 50ml per pump movement
  • 2 meter hose included (simply plugged on the metal fittings of the pump bellows)

16,90 €

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  • 5-8 days1