Original Grip Puppies - soft puppies for everybody

Grip Puppies - the original


Extremely easy to install softgrips - the original: Grip Puppies.


The Puppies provide a much increased driving pleasure as they allow better grip damping. Fatigue phenomena caused by excessive vibrations are reduced and cramping is thus prevented.


The softgrips are - as the name suggests - soft and at the same time very handy. The material absorbs the annoying fine vibrations.


The sleeves are simply pulled over the existing grip rubbers and fit tight. NO GLUE NECCESSARY!!! Thanks to their generous dimensions, they fit almost every motorcycle (the end can be easily cut off). The Grip Puppies also make an excellent alternative to new, often very expensive grips!


They can also be used in combination with heated grids.

Tip: For models WITHOUT heated grips the cooling of the inside of the gloves is reduced.


The material is very grippy, extremely durable and resistant to UV rays.


The facts:

  • Increased driving comfort
  • Improvement of the driving feeling
  • Reduction of fatigue symptoms
  • easy construction
  • can be used with heated grips
  • 12,7cm length
  • suitable for diameters of 3.2 - 3.7 cm
  • Assembly WITHOUT glue

24,90 €

  • Available
  • 5-8 days1