Throttle adjustment Gas-Relax

Throttle Adjustment RELAX

An indispensable helper on long trips!


Holding one gas position on long distance rides can lead to fatigue and pain of the wrist.


This is when the throttle-supplement RELAX shows up and provides relief.

It is simply put on the throttle and turned into position. That's it. Back on the highway the wrist is laid on it loosely (after adjusting the position) and the throttle is locked by the weight of the hand.


Result: the wrist relaxes and longer stages are possible.


If the conditions change and you have twist the throttle more often simply turn the handrest forward or pull it off and put it in your jacket or tankbag quickly.


We think: An indispensable helper, especially on longer trips, if a gas position is maintained for a long time.


Definitely an item out of the category: Recommended!

Throttle Adjustment RELAX

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